Hundreds of career and volunteer firefighters who worked and trained at the CFA facility in Fiskville have been exposed to toxic contamination.

Firefighting chemicals have damaged their health. This exposure has tragically already cost lives.

The victims of Fiskville must be identified, supported and cared for. Victorian firefighters must never be exposed to toxic chemical exposure like this again.

The Contamination of Fiskville

Fiskville was a key training facility and the 'spiritual heart' of the Country Fire Authority from the 1970s until it was closed by the Andrews Government due to dangerous contamination.

Generations of firefighters were contaminated by toxic carcinogens such as arsenic, benzene and lead as well as the bacteria Pseudomonas Auruginosa and the now banned firefighting foams PFOS/PFOA.

The Victorian Parliament’s ‘Inquiry into the CFA Training at Fiskville’ Final Report on the contamination of Fiskville found this was not an accident.

The previous CFA board was negligent in their duty to protect firefighters from toxic contaminants.

Firefighters were unnecessarily exposed due to the incompetence, and in some cases deliberate concealment of vital alarming information on the sites contamination by individuals at all levels of the former CFA Board and executive management.

Justice for Fiskville

Getting Justice for victims of Fiskville means:

  • The victims of Fiskville are properly identified, receive health support and monitoring.
  • The victims of Fiskville receive appropriate compensation to support their families.
  • Those who were responsible for Fiskville are held to account.
  • Laws and regulations are implemented so this can never happen again.

Sign the Victims of Fiskville Register

If you are a volunteer or career firefighter who trained at Fiskville, and you believe your health has been impacted by the contamination at Fiskville please sign this register now. We’ll keep you informed as we fight to seek Justice for Fiskville.


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